Project Disrupt


In October 2018, I was chosen as one of 10 winners of the project competition organised by photo gear producents Lensbaby, Lume Cube and Mountainsmith. Project Disrupt was designed to disrupt the usual photographic process and inspire the photographer to try something different.

My idea for this project was to focus on plastic trash that I so often saw in the nearby forest. There is a lot of talk about plastic in the oceans, but woods are commonly used as dumping grounds for trash, without attention being drawn to it. The garbage that we can so easily remove, and that a lot of us choose to ignore. The dumpster in the forests is often easy to walk by, mostly because it is tucked away under some branches or leaves. So, I found this big plastic tarp that someone disposed of in the local forest and decided to use it as my model for this project. Below you can see some images from the series. I wanted to reverse the order of the forest thrash. What is usually hidden comes to the first plan in my contribution to the Project Disrupt.

All photos were taken with Canon EOS 5DSr, Lensbaby Sol45 and LumeCube was used to lighten the scene. Read more about the project over at Lensbaby website.