Ambassador of the Østfold county


"Mulighetsriket is working to promote Østfold by strengthening the knowledge of our county, opportunities and the business sector. One of the measures is the ambassador program, where 12 young and committed individuals have the opportunity to set focus on the area they are interested in. This way, they can help bring out the good stories and put Østfold and the business sector more clearly on the map." - Mulighetsriket

In January I was chosen as one of 12 ambassadors for the county of Østfold, Norway. The program is a part of the project called Mulighetsriket and is endorsed by several key actors from the region. You can read more here (in Norwegian).

I want to use my voice for the duration of the program (January 2019 - December 2019) to set focus on creative industries. Østfold, with its long industrial traditions, may not be the county you associate with creativity, but it is the creativity and creative industries that we must focus more on in the future.

Creative industries replace old industry by transforming deindustrialization challenges into growth opportunities. Moreover, the sector is often the first to embrace new trends, contribute to sustainable development and stimulate growth in other areas. Many cities and regions in Europe have encouraged creative industries to regenerate former industrial sites to solve both social and economic problems. Now it is time that Østfold also develops with the help of the creative industry.

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