Brono - light modifier revolution


Brono mirror frame

Østfold-based company Brono have created a new lighting solution that aims to revolutionize studio lighting by giving photographers more control and opportunities. The product they have designed is a large aluminium frame with 12 mirrors attached to magnetic tips.

Sounds simple, but the photography industry had not seen similar light modifier before. We all know softboxes, umbrellas or reflectors, but Brono wants to revolutionaze how photographers work with light.

So what does it take to revolutionize the photo world?

During his 30-years long career as a photographer, Svein Utgård often used broken mirrors to illuminate the motifs he photographed. He partnered with Snø, a design studio from Fredrikstad and Nils Petter Hauge, a strategist and businessman from Østfold. They took a chance, found both public and private investors, and ventured into the photography gear world with a prototype that soon turned into a real product.

I met with Nils Petter Hauge to find out more about their work. Hauge resigned from a secure job as an internal auditor and sold his cabin to finance parts of the project.

"The name Brono means the god of daylight in Norse mythology. We were very conscious that the company should have a Norse name."- Says Hauge.

Photography is about light, but photographers often own oversized light sources and must use tape, sheets, or other home-made solutions to control where the light falls. Brono solves this problem by giving photographers precisions not available before. The mirror frame transforms a light source into 12 smaller sources and can be used with filters, daylight, flash, ordinary lamps or even a laser.

There has been much innovation in photography in recent years. Cameras, software, lamps, almost all re-created many times in the last decade, but the light modifiers marked has been silent for a while. We are so used to softboxes, umbrellas and reflectors that it is refreshing to see the studio light modifiers are finally catching up with Speedlight segment. From this perspective, Brono mirror frame is a real revolution.

Precision lighting in no time. Here I used no more than a minute to set up the scene with sunlight bounced from Brono.

You can also use the mirror solution on stage and in film productions. So far, the Brono team is most focused on reaching out with their message to both professional and hobby photographers. However, they have far greater ambitions than this. They are already developing a version fitted with a motor that allows the user to control every mirror separately from their mobile phone. Brono is also looking at opportunities to create a more portable type of the mirror frame.

Brono has taken on a difficult task of changing how photographers work with light. Many are sceptical when they first see the product. The solution is not small, and photographers often think it has limited use. At first glance, many also find that Brono is only suitable for product photography. However, after trying the mirror frame itself, something magical happens. You can see their eyes light up as they list all the different ways they can use the mirrors. Many have already fallen in love with Brono, and the company from Østfold is ready for the global market.