Photography Day 2019


On Sunday, 18th August, Preus Museum and various Norwegian photography organizations celebrated the Photography Day at Karjohansvern in Hørten, Norway. The event was a one-day festival designed to show full spectre of photography medium through exhibitions, lectures and activities. And although the birthday of photography is celebrated worldwide on 19th August, it is understandable why a photography museum would choose the nearest Sunday to commemorate the day. It is much easier to attract the audience on the weekends than on Monday. And the visitors did not disappoint.


Why is 19th August considered the birthday of photography? It was the day the daguerreotype was first publicly announced as the commercially viable photographic process. Louis Daguerre introduced this gift to the world in 1839, and allowed for short in-camera exposures that produced clear, finely detailed end results.

One of the day's events at Preus Museum was a juried exhibition. This year the jury has selected 47 contributions that showcased their images indoors at the Artilleriverkstedet. I had the pleasure to show six of my photographs at the juried part of the festival too.

It was a delight to talk to visitors and hear what they thought of my images. But while I appreciate the positive comments, it is the critical ones that are just as important. Before I was shying away with a smile, but now I learned to answer them with a smile. The comments I often hear are that my images lack contrast and emotion. And while that is true, I do not think all photographs have to include those elements. As artists, we have a voice that we can use however we please, even though we contradict the commonly known techniques or concepts.

I never look for contrast or emotion in my motifs. I am drawn to empty spaces and feeling of tranquillity, a place to breathe. Fortunately, none of the other 46 photographers displaying their work at the juried exhibition developed the same visual profile. That is one of the fantastic aspects of group shows, an expansive display of techniques and photographic subjects. All in all, an inspiring way to celebrate the birthday of photography at Norway's National Museum of Photography.

Below you can see the selection of photos I displayed during the Photography Day.