"Stranger" short documentary


10th of September I met two women for the first time at the We Do/Polish Contemporary Culture Festival in Oslo, Norway. The idea of the event was for the locals to interact with art personalities from Poland and take part in various workshops, performances and concerts. Even though I live in Norway now, I was born in Poland, so for us three, the interaction between Polish and Norwegian culture was genuine. We participated in a video documentary workshop, where we were creating a short film. From idea, observation process, scripting, filming and editing to premiere that happened on 14th of September at Høymagasinet, Akershus Festning.

So is it really possible for three strangers to create a short movie in 4,5 days? Cecilie Holtan and Kristiane Nerdrum Bøgwald and I started talking and discovered that we have similar thoughts about loneliness and lack of connection contemporary culture creates. Thus instead of searching for a subject for our documentary, we decided to become subjects ourselves. Or to make our conversation the main character. We created this documentary in an untraditional way, where the first component was the audio recording. The photography came just after the audio was readily edited. We got some creative assistance from Polish artist Malgorzata Goliszewska, and you can see the results below.

The film was shot on the Canon 5DSr and 600D cameras (not very good video cameras to be honest), and the lighter shots were done using OMNI filters from Lensbaby. Both table shots and high-key pictures were done using only natural light and a tripod. We recorded audio beforehand on an external recorder. The sounds that are the background for the portraits are actually waves breaking at the shore and wind playing through the ferry exhaust pipes processed with an analogue delay. This is very little equipement used as for a film, but if there is one thing I am happy with, it is the photography.