Marta Anna Løvberg


Hi, my name is Marta Anna Løvberg. I have been working as a full-time photographer since 2006. I have experience working with portrait, documentary, advertising and nature photography. I help organizations with content production, digital asset management, visual communication and designing guidelines for photography use and distribution.

I believe that photography is not only about documenting the subject, but also a representation of the encounter between the photographer and the surroundings. I love combining various types of photographic genres to create engaging visual stories. Converting abstract concepts into easily understadable visual narratives is what makes my heart beat faster.

I am based in Indre Østfold, Norway, but I am available for travel worldwide. Let me know if you want to know more.

RESUME - Featured highlights

  • Fotograf Løvberg was established on the 8th of July, 2008, in Oslo, Norway, and relocated to Indre Østfold, Norway in 2016.

  • Ambassador of the Østfold county, Norway. Content production on creative industries from the region, january 2019 - december 2019. Read more (in norwegian)…

  • Landscape photography, group exhibition, Fujifilm Printlife at Vanderbilt Hall of Grand Central Terminal, New York, USA, October 2018

  • One of ten winners of photography project competition, Project Disrupt, organized by photo gear producents - Lensbaby, Lume Cube and Mountainsmith, October 2018

  • Abstract photography, group exhibition at Gallery BOA during Oslo Open Art Festival, Oslo, Norway, September 2013

  • Portrait photography exhibition at the Polish stand at ERAS Festivalen, Oslo, Norway, May 2012

  • Portrait photography solo exhibition at Galerii Stylo, Oslo, Norway, April 2012

  • Photography jury member, Globalization Conference 2012, Norwegian Social Forum, Oslo, Norway 2012

  • Jury member at Photographer of the Year competition, at Hedmak division of Norwegian Journalist Association, Lillehammer, Norway 2012

  • Concert photography, group exhibition at Firestudio during Oslo Open Art Festival, Oslo, Norway, September 2009



If you have questions or want to send a friendly note, you can connect with me through the form below. You can also reach me at marta@fotograf-lovberg.no.

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